The 2G PLUS rule applies to KEEP IT TRUE RISING. This means that access is only granted to those who have been vaccinated and who have recovered and who can also present a certified rapid antigen test that is not older than 24 hours. Alternatively, a PCR test that is not older than 48 hours can also be used. Self-tests cannot be accepted.

Doors procedure:
Admission on Friday starts at 11:00. On Saturday at 10:30.
We have built three gates. First your vaccination certificate will be scanned and compared with your ID card / passport. Then with the associated quick test. You will also get one of 2000 FFP2 masks from us for free for your own safety. There is no longer a mask requirement after the first gate. At the second gate, please log into the Luca app if you have it, this will be checked. If you don’t have a Luca app on your mobile phone, you have to write down your contact info by hand.
Here is the link to a form that you can fill out in advance. Then you can either have your ticket scanned or go to the the box office / guest list and then receive the ribbon.
Please wear your FFP2 mask (mandatory in Bavaria in some places) in the queue before the first check to protect yourself and the others.
If you leave the hall on Friday you can easily return with the ribbon. On Saturday, when you leave the hall, you will receive an additional ribbon that shows that you have already been tested on Saturday.
Caution! Any attempt to falsify evidence will be banned from entering the venue and brought to the police!

Tests and test centers:
On Friday and Saturday you have to present a certified rapid antigen test that is not older than 24 hours. You can also do a PCR, which is then valid for 48 hours, but costs and takes at least 24 hours to get the result.
A little tip: If, for example, you took the test on Friday 12:00 and come to the venue on Saturday at 11:00, this is still valid, i.e. you only need one test. But we recommend one every day.
We also recommend doing the test at home before departure and appearing tested in order to relieve our test center on site and not let the queues get too big.
We recommend booking a test in advance, as the test capacities adapt to the bookings and the test process is significantly accelerated.

Here is an overview of all test centers in Würzburg. The first is right in the Posthalle building:


a. Pit Pat Wonderland (Schwarzlichtfabrik)
Bahnhofplatz 2
97080 Würzburg
Opening Times: Mo–Su 07:00–20:00
Book appointment at:


b. Corona-Testzentrum
Eichhornstraße 16-18
97070 Würzburg
Opening Times: Mo–Sa 10:00–18:45
Book appointment at:


c. Markt-Apotheke Würzburg
Marktplatz 12
97070 Würzburg
Opening Times: Mo–Fr 08:00–18:00 , Sa 09:00–18:00
Book appointment at:


d. Stadtstrand Würzburg
Ludwigkai, near Löwenbrücke
97072 Würzburg
Opening Times: Mo–Sa 09:00–19:00
No Appointment needed


e. Wolfgang-Adami-Bad (Drive-Through possible!)
Oberer Bogenweg 1
97074 Würzburg
Opening Times: Mo–Su 13:00–19:00
No Appointment needed


f. Schnelltest-Zentrum (Drive Through possible!)
Friedrich-Bergius-Ring 11
97076 Würzburg
Opening Times: Mo–Fr 07:00–18:00; Sa 08:00–16:00; Sundays 10:00–16:00
Book appointment at:

g. Talavera-Testzentrum
97082 Würzburg
Opening Times : Mo-Fr 08:30 -19:00, Drive-Through from 12:00 Uhr
Saturday and Sunday 10:00-17:00
Book appointment at: